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Tree Services and Arborists Cavendish

Tree Surgeons Cavendish


Our Tree Surgery services in Cavendish consists of crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, pollarding, selective pruning and dead wood removal.

Crown thinning is a tree surgery operation to remove a certain proportion of the small, live branches throughout the crown of the tree.

Crown Lifting is a tree surgery operation where lower branches are pruned or removed in order to give a specified vertical clearance.

Pollarding is a woodland management method, but has in recent years found its way into the practice of arboriculture.

Selective pruning is a tree surgery operation where, as the name suggests, only selected branches are pruned.

Deadwood removal is a tree surgery operation where the branches that have died or are dying are removed. Often the

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deadwood is removed back to the nearest live wood, and often to the point where the tree has naturally separated itself from the deadwood.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your tree care requirements also offering a free quote.

Tree Felling Cavendish


When a tree presents a hazard or has the potential of causing damage, it is vital to act without delay. Felling is usually required when a tree is dead, diseased, or rotting from decay.

Our Tree Felling services in Cavendish consist of two types; section felling and straight felling.

Section felling involves large trees that need to be removed from a small area. Our team will carefully dismantle the tree segment by segment. We use a combination of cutting techniques, lowering ropes, friction devices and pulleys to ensure that the tree is dismantled and lowered to the ground in a controlled and safe manner – in some cases using a speedline, all to ensure that nearby structures, buildings, houses, phone wires and fences remain unharmed.

Straight felling is the removal of trees in one go. Straight felling is possible when we have enough space to fell a tree without causing damage to surroundings and property. Straight felling involves using a ‘Gobcut’, wedges and ropes to ensure safety of people, surroundings and your property.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your tree felling requirements and offer competitive pricing.

Stump Removal Cavendish


With Temple Tree Care services at your disposal, there’s no need to tolerate unsightly stumps in an otherwise lovely garden. Our team in Cavendish will make quick work of eliminating obtrusive tree stumps from your property with our extremely affordable prices.

Stumps can often cause long term damage to your lawnmowers’ rotorblades, so using the appropriate equipment for each situation, we are able to clear away stumps from even the most challenging locations using one of our stump grinding machines. We have a range of machines, some of which will fit through a standard front door, which is helpful if access to your garden is limited. We can remove any stumps regardless of how big or small.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your stump removal requirements.

Tree Pruning Cavendish


Proper tree pruning is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful garden. When left unattended, even the most attractive looking tree can develop an unkempt appearance. Pruning is also vital to the health of your trees. Trees that receive consistent pruning produce lush foliage, and fruit-bearing trees will respond to pruning by producing a robust yield.

Our tree pruning services in Cavendish include coppicing, pollarding, and also: crown reduction, lifting, thinning and dead wooding for which we provide you with affordable pricing.

Pruning is a technique employed in order to control growth and to remove dead and diseased wood. In fruit trees, pruning is also used to stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds and can ultimately determine their productivity.

In most species of trees, pruning should be done in the Summer months (especially in Cherry species to avoid Silver Leaf Fungus infection) or whilst the tree is dormant throughout Winter.

Careful attention to pruning and training young trees will also prevent later injury from weak crotches that could break under snow or fruit load.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your tree pruning requirements.

Hedge Trimming Cavendish


Hedges provide privacy and noise reductions, give us a bit of a buffer from our neighbours, and create an attractive border for our gardens. Our skilled team in Cavendish has been known to take even the most overgrown and unruly hedge and transform it into a thing of beauty.

And you won’t need to worry that your foliage will soon lose its newly-trimmed lushness; we’ll make sure our improvements can be easily maintained. Just talk to our arboriculture specialist in Cavendish, who will be happy to give you tips on keeping your garden and its borders looking gorgeous.

If you prefer to leave hedge maintenance in the capable hands of our skilled team, we’ll be glad to discuss a number of options and help you settle on the one that best suits your garden and your budget.

We will also ensure that your hedges are incompliance with the “High Hedges Act,” so you and your neighbours will be at ease.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your head trimming requirements with our hard to beat prices.

Storm Damaged Trees Cavendish


After a storm you may find your tree has fallen over in Cavendish, if this is the case you have come to the right place for a professional service to fix your problem.

Only select a qualified, experience tree surgeon to perform this task, as a tree lying against an object, if cut incorrectly roll and cause further damage to the object it is against or the person perform the cutting.

At Temple Tree Care our team consists of qualified and experienced tree surgeons in Cavendish that have the correct expertise to precision cut each branch in small sections, whilst supporting the tree to avoid further damage to the object the tree is against.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your storm damage requirements.

Shrubs & Bushes Cavendish


The cutting back of large shrubs and bushes falls into two categories – Evergreen & Deciduous.

Evergreen – Shrubs Like Ceanothus, Choisya, Laurel, Elaeagnus, Photinia (Red Robin), Euonymus, Pittosporum, Viburnum and the like can be cut back any time in their growing season from April through till October. Our tree care specialists in Cavendish can help you with this.

If the plant in question flowers, then to save the flowers time, cut back as soon as possible after flowering.

Deciduous – Shrubs like Lilac, Forsythia, Philadelphus, Buddleja, Sambucus (Elderberry), Deutzia, Ribes and Kerria.

These plants can be cut back at any time of the year, but remember that if you cut them back before flowering you will lose the flowers that year and with a no obligation quote our services are hard to beat.

As tree surgery experts in Cavendish Temple Tree Care are available to take care of your shrubs and bushes requirements.

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