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Tree Pruning and Tree Services


      Proper tree pruning in *echo* is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful garden. When left unattended, even the most attractive looking tree can develop an unkempt appearance. Trees that are allowed to become overly large can produce too much shade and create problems for the sun-loving plants in your garden. Overgrown trees can also create drainage difficulties and other problems for nearby buildings.
      Pruning is also vital to the health of your trees. Trees that receive consistent pruning produce lush foliage, and fruit-bearing trees will respond to pruning by producing a robust yield.

      Our tree pruning services in *echo* include coppicing, pollarding, and also: crown reduction, lifting, thinning and dead wooding.

      Our pruning services in *echo* will prevent a tree from becoming unmanageable, where its proximity to buildings, greenhouses, children’s play areas, overhead power cables or telephone lines is becoming a problem. We have encountered many situations where homeowners trees have grown into electrical/telephone cables. Often in these cases, the electricity/telephone supplier has carried out this work. This usually involves a sub-standard level of work, which is often charged for as well.

      Our experienced, capable, and punctual team of experts will tend to your *echo* tree pruning needs with the utmost care and minimal disruption of your surroundings.

      Unfortunately, overgrown trees are often the cause of disagreements between neighbours. If your neighbours tree is causing a problem, we can prune it back to the boundary, which will not only allow more sunlight to your property, reduce the leaves in your guttering, and be carried out with such precision, it will not off-balance their tree.

      Fruit Tree Pruning *echo*

      Pruning is a technique employed in order to control growth and to remove dead and diseased wood. In fruit trees, pruning is also used to stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds and can ultimately determine their productivity. In most species of trees, pruning should be done in the Summer months (especially in Cherry species to avoid Silver Leaf Fungus infection) or whilst the tree is dormant throughout Winter. Careful attention to pruning and training young trees will also prevent later injury from weak crotches that could break under snow or fruit load.

      We offer a bespoke price on all the tree work we carry out. Our rates are extremely cost effective and are matched by the high level of service we carry out. Contact us today for a quote on our tree pruning services in *echo*. We will be happy to help.

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      We provide an unrivalled service London and the home counties, and work exclusively with trees, hedges and shrubbery and carry out punning, felling/dismantling, stump removal and general tree management services to both the public and businesses corporate clients.

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